"Everything you’ve seen or heard about me began with lessons I learned to live by at the Club."

~Denzel washington

Welcome to the Club!


 Upcoming Events

Night to Remember

Join our exquisite event complete with fine dining, an open bar, entertainment provided by our club kids, as well as good company from our members and supporters.

Click on the image below for pricing and additional information.

NTR 2015

Fall/Winter Program 2015

Enroll your child in our Fall/Winter Program at any of our five locations!

You won’t find a better deal! Only $10 to sign-up with no additional fees and is good for the rest of the year. That includes free breakfast and lunch EVERYDAY throughout the summer!

With a various amount of activities, your children will be entertained and in a safe environment.

Want to join?

Stop in to any of our five locations to fill out a membership form or click here to access one.


  1. Jen Church says:

    I am interested in signing my son up for Summer 2015 Programs. Is there a list of upcoming activities or an email list i could be added to for updates? I would appreciate being added as well as any info you may have. Thank you!

    1. Unfortunately we don’t have a mailing list but you can go to our Facebook page to see any upcoming events as well as on our website. You can also call our administrative office for any information. The Bay City Unit has swimming lessons at the Y every Monday and Wednesday until the end of our Summer Program (last day of Summer Program is August 21st). The Essexville Unit has field trips to the state park every Wednesday until August 12th and all our other clubs have various activities going on. If you need more information or to fill out an application, please contact the administrative office at 989-892-6723.

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